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Slide1There’s something about a casual summer dress that can just put you in the right mood. This little piece was so easy to slip on and go, and it was so breezy and comfortable while I was out doing errands today. I love how girls and women living in my hometown suburb are starting to wear dresses on the daily now. Maybe not the majority, but at least some of us are putting more effort into what we wear instead of the usual jean shorts, basic tank top, and flip flops!

Just a quick post today, but I have a whole lineup of good ones ready to go so check back soon 🙂


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One of the most exciting things of my internship, for me personally, was the dress code decorum of “business casual.” Finally, I had the chance to break away from my usual sartorial habits and explore new territory. And I got to put my new H&M blazer to good use! This is just a simple ensemble where I paired it with a sequined tank top, black pants, and my nude ballet flats (which are apparently so on trend these days, according to my mother). I’ve got some more outfits up my sleeve, so I think imma let my closet fashion nerd come out for a little and try out some more outfit posts like this. And I apologize in advance if they’re all as awkward as this one..

Donuts, sprinkles, icing, pie
Sleepy puppies make me sigh.
A pot of jam
A squirt of jelly
A gleeful rub of fido’s belly
And when you put the two together
It keeps you smiling through any weather!

Sorry for that awful poem. I honestly don’t know where it came from. These pictures are just so adorable it’s making me step out of regular character. But seriously, look at them! They’re just so delightful and comforting. Maddie the Coonhound, you’re a real 21st century hero. You shining, furry, delightful you. And those illustrations of pastries and sweet things are perfect. Ah it all just makes me so happy 🙂

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Okay, so I just got back two days ago from a three-week long summer internship program. I stayed in a college dorm with a bunch of other high schoolers from around the country and the  world who were also doing their own individual internships. I spent my days working and my nights socializing. Let me tell you, though. “Socializing” at high school summer programs like this defies all normal conceptions of the word. Just imagine: You take 400 awkward high school students eager to revamp their reputation in this blank new slate of a place and what follows is the complete upheaval of all normal social rules. In the first week it was a mad race to be the loudest person, to make the most friends, to hook up with the most people. Complete social chaos I tell you. And as if that’s not enough, all the international people there had their own different cultures of interacting with people, so no one ever knew what was acceptable or not.

I personally observed from a distance, slightly amused, slightly terrified. But anyway, when I got past my initial annoyance at the whole middle-school-esque atmosphere of the situation, I realized how cool everyone actually was when they weren’t trying to be so cool. My favorite were the kids who went to international school. Hands down, internationally-schooled students are the most interesting group in the high school demographic. And they all seem to know each other, bragging about their global contacts in foreign nations as if each nation was just another school to them, which it probably was. Some countries of origin of my new friends: Egypt, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Korea, Colombia, India, South Africa…It was like a microcosm of world cultures!

This is what I absolutely loved the most. Meeting so many people from a myriad of backgrounds was a dream come true for a travel-hungry, culture-starved suburban teenager such as me. You can only imagine the conversations we had. About the “unusual weather” in Pennsylvania, restaurant bread that, when eaten, was “like chewing gum” for my one Spanish friend, the legal age to go clubbing in India, and the explanation of countless American idioms (have you realized that to be down for something means the same as to be up for something?). I was so sad on the last day when we had to say goodbye since the chances of any of us meeting again in person are pretty slim 😦 And so now, I’m here sentimentally blogging about everything as I struggle to readjust back to normal life.

Anyone have any good stories about places they’ve travelled to this summer? I’m feeling the wanderlust..

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What is it about leopard print that so enraptures me? Maybe it’s the versatility. It’s preppy, chic, sophisticated, sweet, and confident all at once, encompassing all the traits I’d ever want to be associated with. One could use it to both spice up or sweeten any outfit. I’m especially blown away by the print’s appearance in DKNY’s Fall 2013 collection. All the backstage shots are just so cool and collected. Sigh. It’s aspirational stuff like this, which tumblr keeps flooding into my dash, that makes me question my average life.

Just scrolling through Garance Dore‘s pictures of Bali puts me in a weird, mystical trance. In fact, all I want to do is become a monk and live there. Or get lost in a rainforest and be forced to survive based on your instincts and the pulse of the forest..You know what I’m talking about. I’ll get to sleep amongst lions and hear the whispers of mist, leaves, and wild beasts. Cliché? Anyway, I decided to make a little collage/mood board in tribute of that adventurous jungle spirit. I needed a little inspiration to think about in my somewhat dull life.

Hope your summer is going well!

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