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           This post will be slightly longer than usual, so if you’re not in the mood to read my humble reflections on the epic, the tragic, the one-and-only Les Miserables, feel free to skim. But I’ll have you know, this movie has been on my mind constantly for the past three days…
 So I recently saw Les Mis on opening day, on Christmas, and without a doubt it was the most profound and moving experience I’ve ever had with a movie. In fact, I don’t even think it’s right to classify something like this as a movie. As expected, I was reduced to tears several times during the movie. And not sloppy, mushy, typical tears, but very special tears brought on by a very real grief. It made me cry, to the utmost sense of the word.
            It wasn’t only sadness I felt, however. Les Mis brought up so much raw emotion in me that I never even knew I had. Love. Redemption. Camaraderie. Revolutionary spirit. Yeah, I was probably excessively PMS-ing when I watched it. But still, I can’t say enough about it, and I can’t even say anything at all. It’s left me both full of things to talk about, and absolutely speechless. The acting was superb all around, so believable, authentic, and unvarnished. For a production of such magnitude, these actors and actresses have managed to whittle it down to its most simple and important elements but in a most subtle and complex way. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense, but I believe that’s exactly what they did.
 In a nutshell, this tragic tale of inherently good people placed in the worst of situations will inspire, astound, and break your heart. It will also, unfailingly, bestow you with a newfound obsession over Eddie Redmayne. Whatta guy.
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Have you seen Les Mis yet? Thoughts, comments, criticisms?


Hola from beautiful Puerto Rico! It’s gloriously warm and sunny here, and after a day of tanning I finally don’t feel like a dull tree with dry bark.. Never gonna leave.

– Sarah
Merry Christmas everyone! In the tradition of gifts and new things, here are some of the clothes I bought from my trip to NYC, including a minimalistic holiday shirt that hangs perfectly, various essentials sealed up in Japanese technology, and a winter-print scarf with matching socks.
But in the true spirit of Christmas, last Sunday I went to mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of glittering stores in the city. It was a wakeup call for me, reminding me that Christmas is less about Santa Clause and more about, oh that’s right, the Son of God.
Feast your eyes on some stylish sites in NYC!
birds-nyc louis-vuitton armani-xchange2 bulgari trump-tower uniqlo
I was so lucky to have discovered Uniqlo, a wonderful Japanese store on the famed 5th avenue. Very nifty place, and it’s so unassumingly huge! It’s like something straight out of Harry Potter, where it looks small on the outside but somehow magically expands inside. Don’t miss this, and you won’t regret the great prices and cool packaging.

The window displays of Bergdorf Goodman were whimisical and dazzling and luxurious. I only took one picture with relatively little glare, so take it as a preview of what’s there. Until next time, Merry Christmas!

nyc packing
Yay packing.
Hot apple cider, sweet nectar of the gods.
Standard New York.
Meet my sister 🙂
Nothing like snapping fun pics with your iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. Here are some highlights of my first day of two in the city. Actually, the best part was when I went to the Harry Potter exhibition but unfortunately, picture-taking of any kind was as forbidden as the Forbidden Forest there (lol). I was sadly unable to document any cloaks, wands, spell books, or broom sticks. You’ll just have to take my word for it — t’was magical. The only thing annoyingly muggle-like about my Harry Potter experience was the obnoxiously irritating crowd of girls, my age, that were in front of us. People gain so much previously nonexistent confidence when they join their group, particularly high school students, and it drives me insane. But anyway, New York City has not disappointed.
Up next… Window displays! Shopping! Yes!