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Very much in love with these clothes. The design and colors are like a breath of fresh air and so soothing to the eye. Props to Andrea Lieberman, t it’s like she’s taken the purest of shapes and textures and given them a subtle spice.
I still think about you, Puerto Rico. You were like a summer fling that I’ll always have a thing for in my heart. What I would do to go back to that gem of an island. Here’s some shots of El Yunque, the national rainforest. Due to several weeks donning layers upon layers of wintery clothes, I refused to wear anything more than a top and jean shorts in rebellion of the burden of winter clothes. Boy was it nice to feel the sun on my shoulders once more.
IMG_1211 photo 1photo photo 4
I’ve fallen desperately in love with Puerto Rico. It broke my heart to have to return to snow-covered suburbia and leave behind such a beautiful island with its happy people and lazy lifestyle. I now know not to label Puerto Rico as just another Caribbean island. It has so much history and culture to its name that makes it much more than just pristine beaches and palm trees. Of course, the balmy climate, as in all tropical places, warmed me up like a charm and set me up for pure enjoyment with the delicious island food, the world-class surfing sites, and the festive, carefree atmosphere. I present to you some pictures of charming Old San Juan, taken with my iPhone since I didn’t have my big chunky DSLR at the time, so the quality is ehh, but I hope you’ll excuse that with such a beautiful, beautiful place. And it isn’t just the place, Puerto Ricans are good looking people amigos.
photo 8 photo 12 photo 14-1 photo 2 photo 20
Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 8.06.07 PM

I thought I’d kick off the year with an inspirational quote and a collage of some of the things I’d like my 2013 to look like. My tumblr often serves as my visual wish list for life, so these pictures are a snapshot of it, and subsequently of my dream lifestyle. Among the facets I’d like to incorporate this new year include… independent thinking, surfing, Frank Sinatra, eloquent words, healthier habits, cute boys, reading more, and an overall fresh outlook. That’s all I have to say for now! I wish everyone a healthy, happy, and safe New Year!

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