Old San Juan

I’ve fallen desperately in love with Puerto Rico. It broke my heart to have to return to snow-covered suburbia and leave behind such a beautiful island with its happy people and lazy lifestyle. I now know not to label Puerto Rico as just another Caribbean island. It has so much history and culture to its name that makes it much more than just pristine beaches and palm trees. Of course, the balmy climate, as in all tropical places, warmed me up like a charm and set me up for pure enjoyment with the delicious island food, the world-class surfing sites, and the festive, carefree atmosphere. I present to you some pictures of charming Old San Juan, taken with my iPhone since I didn’t have my big chunky DSLR at the time, so the quality is ehh, but I hope you’ll excuse that with such a beautiful, beautiful place. And it isn’t just the place, Puerto Ricans are good looking people amigos.
photo 8 photo 12 photo 14-1 photo 2 photo 20
  1. M GJ said:

    nice outfit! like your shirt and the photos are beautiful!xoxostraplessandpeeptoesmgj.blogspot.com

  2. Lauren said:

    For all these reasons I love this post: the sheer green delicate blouse, the rugged darker green back pack, the texture of the old buildings/ruins, and the stunning views! You know how to do it, doll! xxLove,-Lauren at adorn la femmehttp://adornlafemme.blogspot.com

  3. Sarah said:

    Such a thoughtful comment!! thank you! :)-Sarah

  4. Love love love these pictures. I especially adore the one where you stand staring into the ocean and you have a backpack on! 🙂 lovely!

  5. Sarah said:

    i'm so glad you like them! haha thanks!!

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