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Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto

Everytime I hear Il Volo I swoon. In this new dawn of boy bands, this triple threat of Italian tenors, with voices of angels –and, might I remind you, they’re Italian– well, they’re a personal dream come true for a culture-nerd and opera-loving teen such as me. And what’s more, they’re coming to my hometown this September!!! I’m absolutely ecstatic, and so for this Daily Delight enjoy two performances of theirs. It’s bliss.

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I sit idly on my board, letting the warm sun toast my back and shoulders, running my fingers through the salty sea, letting my tangled hair loose. I’m surrounded by ocean, by beach, by sun, sky, sand, and good vibes. Ah yes, this is my ultimate surfer dream. Just let me move somewhere near a tropical body of water, give me another round of lessons, and then I’ll let you know if this is what surfing’s really like šŸ˜‰ Until then, as we all enter the heart of the summer months, take a look at some gnarly surfing photos fromĀ LIFEĀ magazine, circa the 1950s and 60s. Rad brah.

surfing4 surfing2 12_00903174 13_00859192 surfing1 surfing3

All photos belong to LIFEĀ magazine, copyright of Time Inc. Click here for the full spread!





london2paris1 paris2

I’m not ready to let go of Europe just yet, so I spent pretty much the whole day making this video, shamelessly reminiscing and basking in nostalgia. A nostalgia for naught 24 hours ago when I was still in the City of Light, stuffing my face with as much authentic pains au chocolats as I could while listening to Carla Bruni in the airport. I was already feeling sentimental then towards a trip which hadn’t even ended. Anyway, it was fun making my first video diary, so I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s a tad long. I got carried away, but with good reason.

I’m back in America, folks! Home sweet home. I never thought I’d admit it, but I guess after 10 marathon-like days of non-stop sightseeing, suburban, small town U.S.A. can actually be quite charming. But that’s not to discredit any of the beauty and loveliness that was my fantastic trip to Europe. I just arrived from the airport a few hours ago, and my internal clock is currently set at 4 A.M. right now, but before I go to bed I wanted to share with you all a few pics from my Instagram that I took whilst globetrotting in Belgium and, mostly, Paris šŸ™‚

1012164_588176331213240_1855977198_n photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Bonjour tout le monde! Here's a classic quote and photo to brighten your day. And on another note, I'm currently in Brussels, Belgium on a family vacation, and I'll be off to Paris tomorrow, hence the French hello, so look forward to a European video diary once I get home!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

~Albert Einstein


Meet my new babies! I got them a few days ago at DSW, aka shoe heaven. I’m currently obsessed with the nude ballet flat, which I swear is really a ballet slipper in disguise. Just look at it. My second favorite out of the three is the blue-crystal-accented sandal. I have a Ā thing for thong sandals this summer, and the light turquoise + gold combo just makes it ten times better. Lastly, those black flats are a classic with an edgier twist, taking it from a noob-looking ballet flat (as I find most black ballet flats look), to one with a chic spice.

shoes2 shoes3 shoes4