Quote Collection #2

“To accept duality is to earn identity. And identity is something that you are constantly earning. It is not just who you are. It is a process that you must be active in.”

~Joss Whedon

“This contradiction, and this tension … it never goes away. And if you think that achieving something, if you think that solving something, if you think a career or a relationship will quiet that voice, it will not. If you think that happiness means total peace, you will never be happy. Peace comes from the acceptance of the part of you that can never be at peace. It will always be in conflict. If you accept that, everything gets a lot better.”

~Joss Whedon

I was originally planning to make a page of all my favorite quotes, but I figured I’d rather publish them one by one so that they all get the individual attention they deserve.

First one up is a quote by Joss Whedon on accepting your inner contradictions. Lately I’ve been trying to choose between two or three polar identities I seem to have, but to no success. It’s time to switch tactics and just “be all my selves,” as Brain Pickings, the site where I discovered Whedon’s quote, likes to say. Do yourself a favor, read that enlightening article here. Say no to one-dimensional personalities!


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