My name’s Sarah, I’m 17 years old. Some facts about me: I enjoy chocolate chip cookies and everything on the brunch menu. I’ve self-diagnosed myself as allergic to cold weather and high winds. I have dreams of being a Roxy girl which I pretend I’m not serious about but really am. I think Spongebob is quality television. But anyway…

To ease my delusions with suburbia I turn to my tumblr and to magazines (Vanity FairCondé Nast Traveler, and Marie Claire to name some favorites. And sometimes the New Yorker when I want to feel intellectual). Two of my best-loved things to do include eating good food and watching movies (I like a lot: thriller, Studio Ghibli, foreign, cartoon, noir, and French). I like to write, and I love reading but am too picky with books. I have a crippling sweet tooth, love of languages (comme francais), and penchant for Mediterranean food. I adore too many genres of music. But if you made me pick a favorite, I’d say opera, but only half-convincingly since I have too many other favorites. I want so badly to travel to Thailand, to Italy, to Madrid, to Hawaii, to Sicily. I want so badly to travel. I’m Catholic, but I think the Buddhist lifestyle is genius and crazy good for you. I’m a cynical romanticist, if there is such a thing. I have lofty dreams of travelling the world, living in a city, breathing adventure, and making a difference, but don’t we all?


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