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What is it about leopard print that so enraptures me? Maybe it’s the versatility. It’s preppy, chic, sophisticated, sweet, and confident all at once, encompassing all the traits I’d ever want to be associated with. One could use it to both spice up or sweeten any outfit. I’m especially blown away by the print’s appearance in DKNY’s Fall 2013 collection. All the backstage shots are just so cool and collected. Sigh. It’s aspirational stuff like this, which tumblr keeps flooding into my dash, that makes me question my average life.


Need inspiration for some redecorating? Look no further. The Minimalist  is a fresh, clean online boutique based in the Surry Hills of Sydney. It features lovely, soothing things with unique and geometric design elements. From prints, textiles, and storage, to kitchen wares and lighting fixtures, they’ve got the whole nine yards! And what’s more, everything they find from around the world is limited edition and designer-made. Just looking at their home slideshow of bright interiors made me bridle with envy and tingle with excitement. Maybe I have a materialistic problem, but ohemgee, I can’t help it. Something’s wrong if scrolling through all this nice stuff doesn’t make you feel all warm inside!
theminimalist The_Minimalist_x_Stop_the_water_while_using_me_-_Orange_and_wild_herbs_shower_gel_1024x1024 slideshow_1 slideshow_3 theminimalist2 slideshow_7


Ooh, I love this spread by Grey Magazine. And I’m mildly obsessed with Ming Xi, the freshest of fresh-faced models, I think. Is it because I like to think we look alike? Peut-être. It’s a claim based solely on the popular belief that all Asians tend to look like each other, but hey, in this case, that’s good enough for me. Anyway, the outfits here are super cool and subtly fierce. And an added bonus, in the last picture, she faked a chic bob by tucking her hair into her shirt! Anyone who’s ever tried that before, and who with long hair hasn’t, can appreciate that trick.

mingxi 900 717

Check out the full shoot here. All photos courtesy of Grey Magazine.

I sit idly on my board, letting the warm sun toast my back and shoulders, running my fingers through the salty sea, letting my tangled hair loose. I’m surrounded by ocean, by beach, by sun, sky, sand, and good vibes. Ah yes, this is my ultimate surfer dream. Just let me move somewhere near a tropical body of water, give me another round of lessons, and then I’ll let you know if this is what surfing’s really like 😉 Until then, as we all enter the heart of the summer months, take a look at some gnarly surfing photos from LIFE magazine, circa the 1950s and 60s. Rad brah.

surfing4 surfing2 12_00903174 13_00859192 surfing1 surfing3

All photos belong to LIFE magazine, copyright of Time Inc. Click here for the full spread!