I sit idly on my board, letting the warm sun toast my back and shoulders, running my fingers through the salty sea, letting my tangled hair loose. I’m surrounded by ocean, by beach, by sun, sky, sand, and good vibes. Ah yes, this is my ultimate surfer dream. Just let me move somewhere near a tropical body of water, give me another round of lessons, and then I’ll let you know if this is what surfing’s really like šŸ˜‰ Until then, as we all enter the heart of the summer months, take a look at some gnarly surfing photos fromĀ LIFEĀ magazine, circa the 1950s and 60s. Rad brah.

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All photos belong to LIFEĀ magazine, copyright of Time Inc. Click here for the full spread!






Behold, the noble fusion of the modern hipster with the ancient, timeless, Grecian god. The destined confrontation of past and present. An epic match made in heaven. These statues look almost as good as they do nude.


All photos by, and copyright, of the talentedĀ LĆ©o Caillard.

There are probably hundreds among hundreds of blog posts written on the famous French photographer, Robert Doisneau, this post being one of them. Yet I’d like for this one not to disappear in that sea and I hope I can show you how exactly Doisneau’s photographs can make you look twice at life. First off, his picture entitledĀ Le Remorqueur du Champs de Mars, of two children rollerskating and biking beneath the Eiffel Tower, helped me envision what I wanted to make of this blog, and his philosophy has helped shape my blog’s philosophy as well.

In the words of Robert Doisneau:

The marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.

Then if you look at the tagline of my blog, you will find an intentional similarity. I decided to choose a Doisneau perspective because every photo of his has its own story behind it and every story is unique. He seeks out the simple joys of life and finds something special in every setting, whether it’s a glamorous party or a school classroom. It’s magic browsing through the archives of theĀ Atelier Robert Doisneau. His works are romantic, sentimental, happy, contemplative, narrative, mundane, and extraordinary.

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