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Need inspiration for some redecorating? Look no further. The Minimalist  is a fresh, clean online boutique based in the Surry Hills of Sydney. It features lovely, soothing things with unique and geometric design elements. From prints, textiles, and storage, to kitchen wares and lighting fixtures, they’ve got the whole nine yards! And what’s more, everything they find from around the world is limited edition and designer-made. Just looking at their home slideshow of bright interiors made me bridle with envy and tingle with excitement. Maybe I have a materialistic problem, but ohemgee, I can’t help it. Something’s wrong if scrolling through all this nice stuff doesn’t make you feel all warm inside!
theminimalist The_Minimalist_x_Stop_the_water_while_using_me_-_Orange_and_wild_herbs_shower_gel_1024x1024 slideshow_1 slideshow_3 theminimalist2 slideshow_7