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Slide1There’s something about a casual summer dress that can just put you in the right mood. This little piece was so easy to slip on and go, and it was so breezy and comfortable while I was out doing errands today. I love how girls and women living in my hometown suburb are starting to wear dresses on the daily now. Maybe not the majority, but at least some of us are putting more effort into what we wear instead of the usual jean shorts, basic tank top, and flip flops!

Just a quick post today, but I have a whole lineup of good ones ready to go so check back soon 🙂



Slide1 blazer1

One of the most exciting things of my internship, for me personally, was the dress code decorum of “business casual.” Finally, I had the chance to break away from my usual sartorial habits and explore new territory. And I got to put my new H&M blazer to good use! This is just a simple ensemble where I paired it with a sequined tank top, black pants, and my nude ballet flats (which are apparently so on trend these days, according to my mother). I’ve got some more outfits up my sleeve, so I think imma let my closet fashion nerd come out for a little and try out some more outfit posts like this. And I apologize in advance if they’re all as awkward as this one..

1 2 3 4

What is it about leopard print that so enraptures me? Maybe it’s the versatility. It’s preppy, chic, sophisticated, sweet, and confident all at once, encompassing all the traits I’d ever want to be associated with. One could use it to both spice up or sweeten any outfit. I’m especially blown away by the print’s appearance in DKNY’s Fall 2013 collection. All the backstage shots are just so cool and collected. Sigh. It’s aspirational stuff like this, which tumblr keeps flooding into my dash, that makes me question my average life.

Oh the infamous, awkward selfie. Nowadays, Instagram users may be familiar with the hashtag #ootd. Well, here’s my crack at it. What better, classier way to share with you some outfits I wore whilst in London and Paris. I’m joking. But when the parents are nagging you to get a move on there’s no time to lose, then the selfie is honestly the best option if you want to take a quick pic of that fab outfit. So voila! Here are a few sartorial snapshots of my travels abroad. But please, pardon my awkwardness. I swear they all looked better in person.

selfie style1 selfie style2

Ooh, I love this spread by Grey Magazine. And I’m mildly obsessed with Ming Xi, the freshest of fresh-faced models, I think. Is it because I like to think we look alike? Peut-être. It’s a claim based solely on the popular belief that all Asians tend to look like each other, but hey, in this case, that’s good enough for me. Anyway, the outfits here are super cool and subtly fierce. And an added bonus, in the last picture, she faked a chic bob by tucking her hair into her shirt! Anyone who’s ever tried that before, and who with long hair hasn’t, can appreciate that trick.

mingxi 900 717

Check out the full shoot here. All photos courtesy of Grey Magazine.


Meet my new babies! I got them a few days ago at DSW, aka shoe heaven. I’m currently obsessed with the nude ballet flat, which I swear is really a ballet slipper in disguise. Just look at it. My second favorite out of the three is the blue-crystal-accented sandal. I have a  thing for thong sandals this summer, and the light turquoise + gold combo just makes it ten times better. Lastly, those black flats are a classic with an edgier twist, taking it from a noob-looking ballet flat (as I find most black ballet flats look), to one with a chic spice.

shoes2 shoes3 shoes4


I’m still so equivocal in my opinion toward blogging about clothes. It’s not like I’m the best at it, and it’s not the most substantial topic out there, but it’s a heck of a fun one, at least for me. Call it my guilty pleasure, but has it ever hurt anyone to relish the joy of lovely outfits and the allure of a stylish life? I may come across as materialistic at times, but really, what I’m obsessed with is not necessarily the clothes themselves, but everything they can represent. With that, let me show off some shiny new things I bought recently 🙂 I tried to mix things up by buying brighter colors and different textures, because reviewing my closet, too many of my shirts (the essential tee times 10) looked exactly the same but in various pastels.


Favorite buy of them all? This lipstick from J. Crew in French Martini. It’s not as coral bright as the box, but instead goes on a bit lighter, softer, pinker, and somewhat more translucent. You could layer on more for that bright coral, which would make a great accent for any summer outfit, or swipe on a sheer layer for everyday wear.

new_buys3 new_buys2