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These were meant for relatively immature people who like to have pointless fun. My sister and I were really bored one fine Monday afternoon this summer, and we decided to just go ham and do everything we’ve ever loved doing. Feast your eyes on some fun pics of a typical, but not-so-typical day. Try doing something on this list! Then let me know what happens when you do 🙂

1. Melt m&m’s in the microwave.

2. Make a mini zipline in you’re house.

3. Paint with your toes. 

4. Pillow fight!

5. Talk to Cleverbot.

6. Be bored in your backyard. I did this the other day when I was reviewing for finals and it was fantastic. You will need a big blanket, or several small ones. Lay them out on the grass in a shady patch and watch the clouds, read a book, study (what I did, I don’t recommend it), and invite your dog to join you if you have one.

7. Fly high with rocket balloons. don’t have any? they’re 3 bucks at Target! while also immature, these are ten times funner/more fun than normal balloons and take less effort to use than a zipline. load ‘em up, set them free, and go bananas.

8. Cut a piece of pie and eat it with your feet. this one is just ridiculous, my 12 year old sister thought of it. But I thought it was hilarious so do with it what you will.

9. Clown rolls. sit on the ground in a straddle (legs apart), hold both of your ankles (one hand on each one), roll/lean to one side while holding on to your ankles so that you kinda fall over. one leg should go up, around, and down, and then you’ll be right side up. repeat, repeat, repeat. its not as complicated as it sounds, and its insanely amusing. tryyyy it.

10. Scare a friend (or yourself) with this contraption. have them sit in a chair, or stand in a spot. tape a string to the ceiling or a light fixture thing, whatever you can find, so it hangs about three feet in front of them. tie a ball/object, something that’s kinda heavy and has some mass to it, onto the end of it. bring the object (with the string attached) up to their eyes so it touches their forehead or around there. then release so that it swings like a pendulum, threatening to hit them, but never actually. it’s an entertaining little trick, and it’ll keep you going for hours or minutes. tip: make sure you raise the object nice and high so it gets momentum. if it still doesn’t swing, get a heavier object!