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I’m not ready to let go of Europe just yet, so I spent pretty much the whole day making this video, shamelessly reminiscing and basking in nostalgia. A nostalgia for naught 24 hours ago when I was still in the City of Light, stuffing my face with as much authentic pains au chocolats as I could while listening to Carla Bruni in the airport. I was already feeling sentimental then towards a trip which hadn’t even ended. Anyway, it was fun making my first video diary, so I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s a tad long. I got carried away, but with good reason.


I’m back in America, folks! Home sweet home. I never thought I’d admit it, but I guess after 10 marathon-like days of non-stop sightseeing, suburban, small town U.S.A. can actually be quite charming. But that’s not to discredit any of the beauty and loveliness that was my fantastic trip to Europe. I just arrived from the airport a few hours ago, and my internal clock is currently set at 4 A.M. right now, but before I go to bed I wanted to share with you all a few pics from my Instagram that I took whilst globetrotting in Belgium and, mostly, Paris 🙂

1012164_588176331213240_1855977198_n photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

I still think about you, Puerto Rico. You were like a summer fling that I’ll always have a thing for in my heart. What I would do to go back to that gem of an island. Here’s some shots of El Yunque, the national rainforest. Due to several weeks donning layers upon layers of wintery clothes, I refused to wear anything more than a top and jean shorts in rebellion of the burden of winter clothes. Boy was it nice to feel the sun on my shoulders once more.
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I’ve fallen desperately in love with Puerto Rico. It broke my heart to have to return to snow-covered suburbia and leave behind such a beautiful island with its happy people and lazy lifestyle. I now know not to label Puerto Rico as just another Caribbean island. It has so much history and culture to its name that makes it much more than just pristine beaches and palm trees. Of course, the balmy climate, as in all tropical places, warmed me up like a charm and set me up for pure enjoyment with the delicious island food, the world-class surfing sites, and the festive, carefree atmosphere. I present to you some pictures of charming Old San Juan, taken with my iPhone since I didn’t have my big chunky DSLR at the time, so the quality is ehh, but I hope you’ll excuse that with such a beautiful, beautiful place. And it isn’t just the place, Puerto Ricans are good looking people amigos.
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Feast your eyes on some stylish sites in NYC!
birds-nyc louis-vuitton armani-xchange2 bulgari trump-tower uniqlo
I was so lucky to have discovered Uniqlo, a wonderful Japanese store on the famed 5th avenue. Very nifty place, and it’s so unassumingly huge! It’s like something straight out of Harry Potter, where it looks small on the outside but somehow magically expands inside. Don’t miss this, and you won’t regret the great prices and cool packaging.

The window displays of Bergdorf Goodman were whimisical and dazzling and luxurious. I only took one picture with relatively little glare, so take it as a preview of what’s there. Until next time, Merry Christmas!

nyc packing
Yay packing.
Hot apple cider, sweet nectar of the gods.
Standard New York.
Meet my sister 🙂
Nothing like snapping fun pics with your iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. Here are some highlights of my first day of two in the city. Actually, the best part was when I went to the Harry Potter exhibition but unfortunately, picture-taking of any kind was as forbidden as the Forbidden Forest there (lol). I was sadly unable to document any cloaks, wands, spell books, or broom sticks. You’ll just have to take my word for it — t’was magical. The only thing annoyingly muggle-like about my Harry Potter experience was the obnoxiously irritating crowd of girls, my age, that were in front of us. People gain so much previously nonexistent confidence when they join their group, particularly high school students, and it drives me insane. But anyway, New York City has not disappointed.
Up next… Window displays! Shopping! Yes!